Cowboys are no jive turkeys. Dynasty?

Never in the same year have two rookies contended for the NFL MVP. What’s more, never in the same year have two rookies contending for the NFL MVP been on the same team. And now, thanks to the new co-holders of the Galloping Gobbler, Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott, the Dallas Cowboys are 10-1. Their... Continue Reading →


Your Bedlam Preview

For the second year in a row, Bedlam will serve as de facto Big 12 Championship Game. Like the Super Bowl—because of two conveniently timed bye weeks—Oklahoma State and Oklahoma will have two weeks to prepare for the big matchup in Norman. That’s pretty much where the Super Bowl comparisons end, but the off week... Continue Reading →

What’s next for Tony Romo?

Dak did it! In front of a hostile crowd, against a Hall of Fame quarterback playing like a Hall of Fame quarterback, and underneath the overwhelming weight of overly optimistic Cowboys fans, the fourth-round rookie came in clutch. Sure, he had some help from fellow rookie Ezekiel Elliot and the best offensive line in the... Continue Reading →

The ‘Community’ movie we deserve

Themed Episodes Gives Show Huge Potential The phrase “six seasons and a movie”means a lot to anyone subversive or stoned enough to closely follow Dan Harmon’s show about community college misfits. It has been more than just a battle cry for fans of the show. It has been a carrot, dangled in front of our faces from... Continue Reading →

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