The ‘Community’ movie we deserve

Themed Episodes Gives Show Huge Potential The phrase “six seasons and a movie”means a lot to anyone subversive or stoned enough to closely follow Dan Harmon’s show about community college misfits. It has been more than just a battle cry for fans of the show. It has been a carrot, dangled in front of our faces from... Continue Reading →

Shuttin’ er down. Thanks for putting up with this

OVERLAND PARK, KS. - I heard somewhere that students write blogs during their semester abroad. This was my version of that. But now I'm back home, and am done with this particular blog. I might start writing about other shit and post it on here. I don't know, I haven't decided yet.

Progressive Pope Now Questions Afterlife

ROME, Italy - Shortly after releasing his much anticipated papers urging members of the Catholic Church to be more welcoming to those in unorthodox marital situations, reports from the Vatican are that Pope Francis is questioning the very meaning of life. In fact, the pontiff went so far as to tell our reporters that someday... Continue Reading →

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