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For this story I covered the Arizona Wrestling Federation's school. Four days a week, aspiring pro wrestlers gather in Glendale to work with the pros to hone their skills. The wrestling business is a hard one to break into. It takes dedications, looks, charisma and a high tolerance for pain. Many of the instructors told... Continue Reading →


Let the Super Team Arms Race Begin!

Kevin Durant Won When Kevin Durant suffered an MCL sprain on the last day of February, it only phased his teammates for a little while. The Warriors lost 5 of their first 7 games without the 6’11” wingman, but they were able to right the ship and reel off 13 straight wins. During that Durant-less... Continue Reading →

Carr can’t combat Chiefs, weather

Derek Carr has been phenomenal this season. His 24-5 touchdown to interception ratio is one of the best in the league, and some of his touchdown passes have been so smooth and luscious that you could almost dunk a cookie in them. Carr's rising star has drawn comparisons to Aaron Rodgers for his ability to... Continue Reading →


A vote spilt will cost Mayfield and Westbrook

For the first time since 2005, two Heisman Trophy finalists have been selected from one team. In a down year for the award, Oklahoma’s Baker Mayfield and Dede Westbrook made convincing arguments for themselves. But, an inevitable vote split between the duo will probably cost them both a shot at the award. For better or... Continue Reading →


Hype Men: To buy or not to buy in on McGregor v. Mayweather

Conner McGregor is an excellent fighter, who is taking the world by storm. The 28-year-old UFC Featherweight and Lightweight Champion has highly entertaining—often short—fights with unbelievable regularity, he can dominate opponents with devastating strikes from both his left and right hands, and he transcends weight classes like Jonah Hill or Christian Bale. The UFC has... Continue Reading →


Cowboys are no jive turkeys. Dynasty?

Never in the same year have two rookies contended for the NFL MVP. What’s more, never in the same year have two rookies contending for the NFL MVP been on the same team. And now, thanks to the new co-holders of the Galloping Gobbler, Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott, the Dallas Cowboys are 10-1. Their... Continue Reading →


Your Bedlam Preview

For the second year in a row, Bedlam will serve as de facto Big 12 Championship Game. Like the Super Bowl—because of two conveniently timed bye weeks—Oklahoma State and Oklahoma will have two weeks to prepare for the big matchup in Norman. That’s pretty much where the Super Bowl comparisons end, but the off week... Continue Reading →


What’s next for Tony Romo?

Dak did it! In front of a hostile crowd, against a Hall of Fame quarterback playing like a Hall of Fame quarterback, and underneath the overwhelming weight of overly optimistic Cowboys fans, the fourth-round rookie came in clutch. Sure, he had some help from fellow rookie Ezekiel Elliot and the best offensive line in the... Continue Reading →


Contending Cowboys: What a win Sunday means for the NFC playoff picture

Edward, Jacob, and Bella; Peeta, Gale, and Katniss; Barney, Ted and Robin all need to make way for America’s hottest new love triangle: Dak, Romo, and Jerry. On one hand you have that first love. The one who has been with you through years, both thick and thin. The one you’d have no problem spending... Continue Reading →


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