Carr can’t combat Chiefs, weather

Derek Carr has been phenomenal this season. His 24-5 touchdown to interception ratio is one of the best in the league, and some of his touchdown passes have been so smooth and luscious that you could almost dunk a cookie in them. Carr’s rising star has drawn comparisons to Aaron Rodgers for his ability to deliver strikes off of any platform, and Peyton Manning for his immaculate touch working the seems.

However, he has a weakness, maybe two.

Carr has now lost four straight games against division rival Kansas City. The Chiefs ball hawking secondary seems to make the Raiders’ MVP candidate trigger shy, and their ability to control possession with short, chains-moving passes keeps Carr from settling into games.

Another thing to note is the weather. For all his talent, there is a reason why cold weather teams like Minnesota and Cleveland passed on Carr in the 2014 draft. He has Donald Trump sized hand. 9 1/8 inch sized mitts were tied for the smallest in his draft class, and are way below the league average. This fact has shown itself in bad weather games.

Carr’s ball doesn’t cut through the air with the same ease in the cold as it does during mild tempered west coast games. And playoff games at Denver, New England, Kansas City, or Baltimore could be a disaster for one of the league’s best offenses.

Carr’s worst to games this season are far and away the two bad weather games he has played in. Coincidentally, they were both against Kansas City.



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