Progressive Pope Now Questions Afterlife

popeROME, Italy – Shortly after releasing his much anticipated papers urging members of the Catholic Church to be more welcoming to those in unorthodox marital situations, reports from the Vatican are that Pope Francis is questioning the very meaning of life.

In fact, the pontiff went so far as to tell our reporters that someday he hopes the Catholic Church will be able to survive once the concept of god becomes fully obsolete.

“You’ve got people over here believing one thing, and then people over there believing another. And I mean, who’s to say anybody knows the actual answer,” Francis said. “Maybe virtue and morality can be achieved without someone or something (god) pulling the strings.”

While many have praised Francis for his stance, other members of the church have been as quick to discredit the Pope as they have been to demonize their divorced friends.

Some of the Pope’s biggest critics are quick to point out that he was ordained at the Nmaculada Concepción Seminary in the 1960s, a place that is often referred to as the Arizona State of Catholic Seminaries. It was there where many people believe he took part in some mind-altering, psychoactive practices. A period of his life which the Pope has often stated as ‘out of site, my man’.


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