Even Spurs Players Unaware of Team’s Record Pace

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 8.41.32 PMSan Antonio, TX – The NBA’s version of that sibling of yours whose life is so put together they make you feel inadequate on Thanksgiving is on pace to set a franchise record in single-season wins in the only manner that they know how: quietly.

After racking up their 58th win in 68 games Thursday night against Portland, the San Antonio Spurs are now on pace to win 70 if you like to round up- games. Which would shatter their previous record of 63.

Though the Spurs are no strangers to success or going under the radar, even this historic season has not dawned on many. In fact, several of the teams most important players were unaware of the fact, too.

Starting small forward and former defensive player of the year Kahwi Leonard admitted that he wasn’t aware that the team was on pace to make the playoffs for the 5 millionth year in-a-row.

Even veteran point guard Tony Parker said he’s been too busy paying attention to other teams to realize how well his own has been doing.

“Only 10 losses, seriously?” Parker said. “I mean with what Steph Curry has been doing this year it’s kind hard to pay attention to what’s going on here. Toronto has a bunch of good wins too. Don’t sleep on those guys. We’re just so boring to watch this year. I mean 42 of our wins have been by double-digits, and we don’t have a star player either. Who wants to watch that? Not me.”

It has been five years since the Spurs dynasty ‘ended’ after a first round playoff loss to Memphis. Since then they’ve only been able to make the playoffs every year since and win the Western Conference twice, including an NBA championship in 2014.

The Spurs would need to win 12 of their final 14 games to reach the 70 win mark. Of those games, three are against the Golden State Warriors. All of which the over-the-hill Spurs will certainly lose.




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