Post Speech Crowd-Surf Nears Disaster for Sanders


Toledo, OH – Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders reportedly suffered quite a tumble yesterday during a campaign speech.

Just days after capturing a major victory in the Michigan Democratic Primary, Senator Bernie Sanders was back on the campaign trail at the University of Toledo looking to carry his newfound momentum into the nations most notorious battleground state.

However, Sanders almost had to say ‘good-bye’ to his campaign and any shot at becoming president when his post-speech crowd surf resulted in the 74 year-old senator falling to the ground.

A spokesperson for the Sanders campaign released a statement this morning confirming that Sanders was okay.

“Senator Sanders suffered a bruised hip during his campaign rally in Toledo. Thankfully their were no other injuries,” the spokesperson said. “Bernie is resting comfortably in his Ohio hotel room and plans on getting back to his campaign as soon as possible.”

The stage dive that took place at the Toledo speech has apparently become a tradition for Sanders, who has become well-known for corralling energetic audiences, during his presidential campaign. Sources close to FWN and Sanders have said the crowd-surfing has seen its last days Sanders events, and that the campaign is just going to stick to the sip-line entrance and t-shirt cannon.






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