Breaking: Judge rules in favor of over-heated, wintertime building in case against sweaty, middle-aged men

sweating2St. Paul, MN – Today a Minnesota state judge ruled in favor of a St. Paul corporate office in a landmark case against a union of middle-aged men.

The plaintiff claimed that the defendant had created an unsafe work environment by keeping their offices air conditioning up to high during the months of January and February.

A spokesperson for the APOM (the Alliance for Perspiring Older Men) was not happy with the ruling, to say the least.

“We find there is just no need for this incessant heating,” the spokesperson said. “Just because it is cold outside does not mean that the workplace needs to be a gosh darn oven. Most of our members are dressed in layers to combat the cold to begin with. Entering a building that’s 76 degrees only makes matters worse.”

The judge cited the Constitution and state law as grounds for his decision. Stating in his verdict that the state of Minnesota had no legal grounds to tell private businesses what temperature to keep they buildings at, so long as the conditions are not a health risk to employees.

The over-heated corporate office declined to comment on the record about the matter, but said measures were being taken to help their more sweltered employees cope with the drastic climate change. Sources have caught word that a ‘coat room’ of some kind could be in the works.


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