11 signs that maybe you and your roommate actually aren’t BFFs 5ever

  1. “I’m going to slow down on the drinking” actually means: “Say adios to your Coronas”.
  2. Watching TV together begins and ends with the same re-run of NCIS.


3. Your roommate prefers original Cheez-Itz.

Cheezits cat.jpg

4. When ever you have a member of the opposite sex over your roommate asks them       “T-minus how many minutes till Poundtown, USA?”

5. Your roommate thinks Beyoncé is just “okay”.


6. When one of you leaves a mess the other retaliates by sending inappropriate texts to one’s grandparents.


7. Your Abbey Road poster doesn’t go well with their Joseph Stalin cutout.

8. When your roommate lets you borrow their clothes all you can find in their closet are 14 pairs of crotch-less panties and a human muzzle.


9. One of you insists on showering together, while the other is unsure.

10. Your roommate never judges you, except for when you tell them very personal things.

11. Your roommate just heard the song ‘Uptown Funk’ for the first time the other day, and can’t stop telling you about it.


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