Here are the best college football stadiums I've visited.


Mountain Park Health Center

Mountain Park Health Center hosted the grand opening of its newest facility in Tempe this morning, in an effort to promote local wellness that’s affordable for all. According to a press release, the 32,000 square foot building will triple the number of patients they were able to serve at their former Tempe location. The health... Continue Reading →

Fake News and Real News: An Analysis

REAL NEWS: What's it look like? 1.) AP What makes this story stand out as irrefutably true is that the message comes straight from the horse's mouth. The first quote offered in this article is a tweet from President Donald Trump directly confirming the headline. What follows are several comments from Mr. Trump's press secretary, and... Continue Reading →

Let the Super Team Arms Race Begin!

Kevin Durant Won When Kevin Durant suffered an MCL sprain on the last day of February, it only phased his teammates for a little while. The Warriors lost 5 of their first 7 games without the 6’11” wingman, but they were able to right the ship and reel off 13 straight wins. During that Durant-less... Continue Reading →

Carr can’t combat Chiefs, weather

Derek Carr has been phenomenal this season. His 24-5 touchdown to interception ratio is one of the best in the league, and some of his touchdown passes have been so smooth and luscious that you could almost dunk a cookie in them. Carr's rising star has drawn comparisons to Aaron Rodgers for his ability to... Continue Reading →

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