How to use ASU iReport

When items are stolen on campus, students rarely know the culprit. That makes ever finding those stolen items, some of which have great value, almost impossible. To combat this, the ASU Police Department has setup an online system called iReport. I can be accessed through one's myASU account. iReport allows both students and faculty the... Continue Reading →

Friday Night Lights

The Seguaro Sabercats are one of the biggest powerhouses in Arizona High School football. The 4A program is chasing its 5th straight state title. In the first round of the 2017 the mission was simple: stay focused. That's exactly what they did against a scrappy but outgunned Mingus team. Guided by a 31-point 2nd quarter,... Continue Reading →

Photo Slideshow

For this story I covered the Arizona Wrestling Federation's school. Four days a week, aspiring pro wrestlers gather in Glendale to work with the pros to hone their skills. The wrestling business is a hard one to break into. It takes dedications, looks, charisma and a high tolerance for pain. Many of the instructors told... Continue Reading →

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